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Sound Design

I have a breadth of experience with sound design and I can handle any project brief, whether you need Foley effects, field recordings, synthesized effects, old-school chip sounds, or even distorted creature vocals, I've got you covered!

Music Composition

I'm a versatile composer with a command of many different musical styles and moods. I can also design and implement interactive music systems that will adapt to the gameplay. Feel free to check out my main page for more!

Unreal Implementation

I can implement assets into Unreal Engine using the Blueprints system, utilizing the native capabilities of Unreal Engine Audio. Alternatively, I have experience implementing sound into Unreal Engine using FMOD or Wwise.

Unity Implementation

I have experience with the Unity Engine and can implement Assets using C#, managing audio through scripts or the Unity mixer system. Alternatively, I can implement audio into Unity using FMOD or Wwise.

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Project Management

I have experience managing projects of varying sizes and adapting to new pipelines, including task management, asset management, documentation, version control (Git, Perforce), and talent coordination(voice actors and composers). Please check out my spreadsheet for more information on how I keep track of my projects and communicate key audio details with developers.

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